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Bus to the Reason Rally


Anyone wanting to attend the Reason Rally in Washington DC on March 24th, there will be a bus leaving from Springfield, Missouri. The bus will cost $130 per person. You can buy tickets to the bus here:

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Some Advice, and a Preemptive Retraction


Socially awkward!

(Crossposted at Kajed Heat. This post is in reference to the ongoing Rebecca Watson Elevatorgate scandal.)

Some advice for all the single fellas out there:

If you text a girl you met briefly once (during a very awkward and embarrassing situation) and she says

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Let’s All Move to Liberal, MO


(Crossposted at Kajed Heat)

“Hey Kaje!”


“It’s been three weeks now. You’ve had enough downtime, eh?”


“From your blog.”


“You haven’t updated since before the tornado. We want to hear about the return trip to the creation museum.”

Oh right. Yeah. It was the same as the first time only with adorable English accents. We cut out early because

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Religious beliefs lead Republicans to try to ban all birth control in eight U.S. states


Rachael Maddow covers ‘Personhood’ bills in 8 states that threatens to end birth control because of religious beliefs.  This link will take you to the video, it’s really worth the watch.

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