My Little Skepticon Ponies


I’m still compiling all my thoughts on this year’s Skepticon. Quick preview: AWESOME.

But before I do that, I must share these. They were inspired by these My Atheist Pony shot glasses, designed by Katie Hartman and Kelley Freeman to promote the event. I love them, but we need more. MORE DAMMIT. So I made more with General Zoi’s Pony Creator. Here they are.

JT Eberhard in pony form

JT Eberhooves

PZ Myers in pony form

Pony Z Myers

Rebecca Watson in pony form

Rebecca Trotson

Greta Christina in pony form

Greta Equestina

Joe Nickell in pony form

Joe Nieghkell

David Silverman in pony form

David Silvermane

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Comments on Atheistcon IV



There’s no question that Skepticon 4 was worth attending. As with Skepticon 3, we had the pleasure of hearing talks by Dan Barker, Greta Christina, PZ Myers, Sam Singleton, Joe Nickell, David Fitzgerald, and others. My two favorites this year were Dan Barker and Greta Christina. Christina’s talk on why atheists are so angry was so good that it would make for an excellent video night presentation for the group. I, for one, would love to see it again. It’s one of those speeches with so much packed into it that you can’t remember half of it, but you know it was all good. Of course, any of the other talks would be suitable for a group viewing as well, but in my humble opinion, Greta’s was top-notch.

Singleton, I feel, is also worthy of honorable mention. His sermon on “Giving Thanks” was both timely as Thanksgiving was fast approaching, and right. As he pointed out in his message, any gratitude on the part of Jesus is sorely lacking in the Gospels. I must confess, I had not noticed that before. Despite being an atheist evangelist who is primarily a comedian, he delivered a genuine message in his sermon.

Those who know me, and who attended this year, will not be surprised to learn that I could not disagree more with David Silverman, whom I consider to be very dogmatic and unenlightened. In his talk,

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Kaje Komics: Don’t Tell Him About Jesusween


(Crossposted at Kajed Heat)

Happy Halloween, everybody. Click comic to enlarge:

Happy Halloween, everybody

I’ve been reading too many Hark, A Vagrant comics. I had to force myself to use punctuation.

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Are You Ready To Be Touched By JesusWeen?


(Crossposted at Kajed Heat)

I’m always amused by the efforts of insecure Christians to try and replace the second most popular American holiday with one where it’s acceptable to give children Chick Tracts instead of Reese’s Cups. <a href=””>”Trunk or treats!” “Harvest parties!” “Creation Parties!”</a> The efforts are all as scattershot as they are laughably boring.

I think they’ve finally hit gold, though. Ladies and gentlemen, I present <a href=””>JesusWeen.</a>
<blockquote><a href=””>JesusWeen</a> is a non profit organization also known as JesusWin. We are focused on helping people live better lives through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. JesusWeen is a God-given vision which was born as an answer to the cry of many every October 31st. The dictionary meaning of Ween is to expect, believe or think.</blockquote>
It’s also the name of a band that people keep trying to make me listen to. The more you bug me about it, the less likely I am to listen. Maybe Ween needs a holiday to spread the word about themselves. Call it WeenWeen.
<blockquote>Every year, the world and its system have a day set aside (October 31st) to celebrate ungodly images and evil characters while Christians all over the world participate, hide or just stay quiet on Halloween day. Being a day that is widely acceptable to solicit and knock on doors, God inspired us to encourage Christians to use this day as an opportunity to spread the gospel. The days of hiding are over and we choose to take a stand for Jesus. “Evil prevails when good people do nothing”. JesusWeen is expected to become the most effective Christian outreach day ever and that is why we also call it” World Evangelism Day”.</blockquote>
Oh wow! They really are just putting Bibles in kid’s candy sacks. Way to ween one for Jesus. In the meantime, I will be enjoying my ungodly images and evil characters. At least they don’t skimp on the Reese’s Cups.

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Joplin Globe Madness: Rita Crowell’s Amazing Tennis Ball Trick

Tennis Ball

That must hurt. I had tennis elbow once.

(Crossposted at Kajed Heat. Joplin Globe Madness is a reoccurring feature wherein I bring bizarre Joplin Globe letters to light.)

Man, ever since the tornado, there hasn’t been much silliness in the Voices section. It’s become a chore to read, honestly. We got somebody thanking folks for helping clean up after the tornado, we got someone fretting about the economy, we got Rita Crowell complaining about sacrilegious tennis balls, we got a old fellow complaining about wait a minute what was that?

Tennis balls make Jesus cry?

There was an article in The Joplin Globe this past month regarding a female artist who enjoyed tennis so much that she inserted tennis balls in a fanciful manner into her own paintings of classical art. I would strongly urge her, and anyone else, not to insert anything to destroy or distort the integrity of any Christian religious painting. To me, this is sacrilegious, irreverent and makes a mockery of God our creator, sustainer and redeemer.

You think that’s bad, you obviously haven’t seen what this lady does with ping pong balls.


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